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Charms Beauty skin solution
Glow with Ayurvedic and advanced facials

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Charms Beauty skin solution
Natural, technical, anti-ageing facials

Welcome to

Charms Beauty skin solution
We provide various services to the nature of our clients

Our Philosophy


Beauty and Wellness through nature, nurture and technology.

Our bespoke facials are unique.

The ingredients chosen, can be freshly pounded or cosmeceutical or a combination of both. Skincare advice includes customised de-stress and dietary tips.

Providing you with the best possible experience every time you walk through our doors is our primary focus.


Beauty And Wellness

Best Skin solutions services in queensland


We combine Eastern and western therapies to personalize facial treatments. Utilizing current trends optimize symptomatic care. Holistic approach addresses causal concerns.
Microcurrents, Chemical Peels, Kansa wands, LED, Dermaplaning, Sonic systems are a few of the options available.

Natural clinical serums for skin

Clinic & Kitchen

Clinical serums are powerful and effective skin applications. We include fresh fruits & vegetable pulps, juices and concoctions, made on premises to improve the efficacy of these serums. A thorough Skin analysis before every treatment ensures that the right combinations are created each time.

Zen your skin

Zen Your Skin

Optimise your “Me Time”.
Mental health also affects skin ageing.
It is scientifically proven that emotional well-being impacts skin health.
Choosing the right oils and extracts to zen your skin is important to us.

Our Products


It is a prescriptive range with pure and organically grown herbs, flowers, barks, minerals and spices. It is based on the Ayurvedic traditions which believe in nurturing the person as well as feeding the skin tissues with the chosen potions. The focus is to provide skin strengthening and holistic healing.

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It is a cosmeceutical range with active ingredients in high concentrations for maximum delivery in deeper layers of the skin. They are clinically tested, free of lanolin, mineral oil and fragrances. The focus is on treating a wide variety of skin concerns. Long term results is the ultimate goal.

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Ayurvedic Beauty Skin Solutions Products


Clients say about us

I have been a regular client of Sangeeta’s at Charms Beauty for well over ten years now.  I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Sangeeta and my skin has never looked back !  Prior to finding Sangeeta, I had tried several beauticians on the Gold Coast including quite a few Dermalogica clinics.

Not only is Sangeeta charm personified, being one of the most gentle, kind and honestly caring people I know, but she has both magical hands and a phenomenal wealth of knowledge. The fact that Sangeeta uses both Dermalogica and Ayervedic products was certainly a deciding factor for me to try her all those years ago.  I have always tried to stay as close to “natural” skin care as possible.

I have sun-damaged skin that is ultra sensitive to AHAs (acids) which seem to form part of so many products these days.  Sangeeta will always assess my skin at EACH visit, never assuming that because she’s treated me for over ten years that she already knows where my skin is at.

She will then customise that particular treatment session for my skin which usually includes the on-the-spot creation of her own  wonderful facemasks based on Ayervedic principles and natural ingredients such as fresh avocado.

In more than ten years, I can honestly say that I have never left Sangeeta without marvelling at how fresh, moist and just plain fabulous my skin feels.  She is simply divine !!

S Jones

I have always struggled with my skin and after trying this that and the other I had all but given up. That is until I walked into Charms Beauty Salon. Within two treatments, Sangeeta has changed my skin, confidence and reduced my anxiety levels. Sangeeta really has been my goddess and I cannot speak highly enough of her endless knowledge, kind nature and amazing treatments.

Eliza Smith

I have been a long time client of Charms Beauty, It is my go to haven for all things skin related. Have been taught so much about health of my skin over the years. Am no longer residing on the coast, but gladly travel 45 minutes for one of Sangeetas treatments. You walk out of this beauty salon, feeling and looking so good.

Thank you so much.

Teena Skrabanich

My association with Sangeeta began some ten years ago when I conveniently lived in Mermaid Waters. I am an octogenarian with a realistic approach to the outcome of just what a Beauty Therapist can actually achieve considering the age factor. Notwithstanding this the results, which I attribute totally to Sangeeta’s skills and products, are obviously apparent as I have received numerous unsolicited comments on the wonderful condition of my skin considering my age. I have since relocated and although inconvenient distance-wise, would not forgo continuing as her client.
To actually have a treatment is an experience in itself, from the moment you enter her salon, which is the essence of tranquillity, to when you leave is to shed every ounce of stress. I have even suggested she should have a “recovery room” because of a reluctance to “go home”! For the reasons stated above I genuinely have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending her skills as a Beauty Therapist.

Guelda Bryant

I have been a client of Charms Beauty for 15 years. When I first attended the salon, I suffered from Chronic Fatigue and many allergies which greatly restricted the skin products I could use and the beauty treatments I could receive. Sangeeta has personalised the products so that I can have facials without any reactions, using a mixture of natural products. She has introduced me to a range of skin products which suit my sensitive skin. Sangeeta’s treatments are relaxing and I look forward to visiting the salon on a regular basis. Charms offers friendly, personalised service and quality products and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Trish C, Gold Coast

Cannot say enough good things about Sangeeta at Charms Beauty & Skin Solutions!
I’m so glad I found a high calibre skin care salon with an honest, absolutely amazing and caring approach to my skin care. Sangeeta has also helped me through things like diet, exercise, stress levels, supplements, etc., to help me have a glowing skin tone. I have been going for almost 2 years and each visit has been worth it. Highly recommend!

Already looking forward to my next appointment.


I have been a client of Sangeetas for over 13 years.

There is no one else I trust to treat my skin. I attribute my skins great condition to Sangeetas all natural and always fresh treatments and products. I’m a firm believer in the Science of Ayurveda  and this is another reason why I come to Charms. Her knowledge of Ayurveda is amazing.

Each treatment on Each visit is tailored specifically to me and the current state of my skin.

I love hearing Sangeeta in the kitchen whip up a fresh treatment for me. Some of my treatments have included fresh mango, honey &  aloe vera even grated potato..

My skins looks amazing after each treatment.

Trust me, having a treatment is the best decision you will make for your skin.


How can I express what a wonderful and rewarding experience it is to visit charms beauty salon.

I have been a client for nearly three years and in that time not only have I felt the improvement in my skin but so many people comment on how my skin now glows.

Sangeeta tailors her regimen to suit each session and you always feel so welcome.

I would recommend Charms to everyone.

Joanne M

I have been a client of Sangeeta’s for several years- she is truly a wonderful compassionate person who is also a skilled and efficient beauty therapist. Sangeeta is a positive person who sees the good in people and her happy disposition is contagious – a bad day suddenly looks brighter after I have seen Sangeeta. We have interesting conversations covering a range of topics from different cultures and foods to family and to the news of the day. Sangeeta is intuitive so she would know which clients prefer quietness. I can’t speak highly of her enough both as a person and as a beauty therapist.

Sally J

Charms Mantra

Cleanse daily for a fresh start
Hydrate internally and topically
Antioxidants through diet & topical applications
Rejuvenate regularly (exfoliate & mask weekly)
Moisturise suitably for a supple skin
Sunscreen to protect skin and delay ageing


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