Active Beauty

Active Beauty

Active life, active vibe!!

The importance of being active and exercising needs no reiteration.
As good as exercise is for the body, brain and the happiness quotient; it also puts demands on the body and skin for better nourishment.
Right food helps an exercise regime and reflects on the skin. There is another great help which reflects on skin health….Skincare!

Exercise moves toxins out of the body. Skin aids to release these toxins through the pores after a workout.
When this detox happens on a regular basis, the skin pores can get a build- up of sweat and sebum (skin oils).
When the pollutants in the air cling to these secretions, it creates great grounds for clogged pores and blackheads.

Cleanse it Clear

The easiest way to minimise clogging is to cleanse after an exercise session. Avoid harsh cleansers to prevent sensitising a well stimulated skin.
Moisturise lightly.
Always take off the daily cleanser with a soft face washer, whether you do it at the sink or in the shower.

Some skins go in an overdrive if exercising regimes are increased or new to the body. Don’t get disheartened. It is the body’s way to purge the toxins out of the system and the skin’s trying to adjust to all the stimulation. Hang in there.
If the skin becomes overly oily, ease the assault by splashing room temperature water on the skin and pat dry couple of times during the day.
Here are more tips:


Regular exfoliation is crucial to keep the pores unclogged. But never exfoliate immediately after an exercise routine. This will prevent unnecessary stimulation.
Active skins benefit immensely with scrubs twice a week.

    1. A nice natural scrub is to mix 2tablespoons of oats with enough milk and honey to make a thick paste. Massage gently on the skin. Leave for 10 mins, wash off with cool water and moisturise.
    2. If breakouts are joining the clogging party, add a pinch of Turmeric powder and 3-4 drops of lemon juice to the mix. Apply all over the face. Take it down to the chest, back and upper shoulders if there are breakouts or clogging in the area. Follow as above. Do not massage the spots or pimples to minimise the chances of spreading the infection.

Mask Magic

Exercise dilates the skin pores to release the toxins effectively from the body. It helps to use a mask after exfoliation to minimise the pores.
A mask helps to keep the skin supple by sealing in the freshness in the skin (when used straight after exfoliation). It prevents excessive loss of hydration from the surface layers. Masks also make the skin look radiant.

General rule of thumb is to use clay masks for oily skins with enlarged pores. Look for Vitamin C inclusions in the mix.
Mature and drier skins prefer creamier textures. Look for Vitamins A, C and/or E inclusions.
The scrub above makes an effective natural mask also. Leave it a bit longer till it sets dry. Wet with cool water and wash off gently. Make sure to moisturise straightaway.


It is no secret that drinking plenty of water while exercising is essential for hydration levels. It also eases the lactic acid build up and aids the release of toxins from the body.
Add cucumber and lemon slices with mint leaves to water, and you have the well-known detox water.

It is just as important to keep the skin hydrated too. Use hydrating sprays or mists to manage the water loss from the surface of the skin.
This is even more important if the skin has a tendency to flush easily. Sensitive skins and capillaries prone to redness get inflamed easily with stimulation and heat. Spritzing the skin before and during sessions is like giving a drink of water to the skin pores to cool and combat the heat and inflammation.

Spritzing through the day also helps against the redness rivals of such skins.
Try mists with rose or mint.
Serums with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and honey also work wonders for such skins.
Opt for room temperature water. It will be more in alignment with the body temperature. The flushed skin does not have to go through regulating and normalising from the shock of opposing temperatures. It will prevent unnecessary weakening of these struggling capillaries.

If exercising outdoors is your thing, then apply sunscreen at least 20minutes before sun exposure.
Include some after sun care after cleansing.
Milk and Yoghurt in equal amounts make a quick natural sun burn remedy. Apply for 10 minutes and rinse off. Apply a light moisturiser.

Go Bag

Gym bags have become more like ‘Go bags’ for active lifestyles.
They need to hold all essentials to have you face-ready from gym to party/work ready in minutes.

Make a little room in the bag for a cleanser, spritz and light moisturiser too. It will help immensely to prevent delays in taking off the ‘exercise build-up’ on the skin in case you don’t reach home till evening. Pack a sunscreen if your day demands sun exposure too.

Nutty about Nuts

It is a great nutritional snack to pack in your ‘Go-bag’.
A fistful of almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts and mixed seeds are a great way to give the body a quick omega (and anti-ageing) boost on the go.
It is all about constantly maintaining performance in beauty, as it is in life!
That’s power of movement!

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