Age Well

Age Well

A great wine matures beautifully when preserved and cared for well!

As maturity sets in different ways for different people, let us narrow our discussion to the ageing process only in skin terms here!

All we need to do is, incorporate the three “R”s in the modern skincare manual! This would mean combining skincare with sophisticated tools and formulations from the Western anti-age approach with the rich old Eastern traditions of holistic mind and body care.

The three ‘R’s which grace the ageing process are:

Reorganise skincare…

Comfort takes over trends as we mature and we ease into signature stylishness all our own!
Skin also goes through subtle transitions as years go by, therefore, demands the same comfort and care.

As time starts to etch the lines of experience on the face, the sun contributes to the brown spots and the years loosen skin elastin, we need to start thinking of replenishing and restoring collagen and elastin fibres in the skin.

Daily regimes are those stitches in time which save nine! If we stay vigilant about doing our basic daily cleansing, moisturising routines, we need less effort to slow down and/or reverse the damage in the later years in life.

Mature skins, especially after 40s and 50s, need more nourishment.
Changes in the connective tissues weaken the skin’s elasticity.
Strengthen and comfort the skin with products which nourish and repair it.

Incorporate Peptides (the building blocks for skin cells), Vitamin C (helps to accelerate cell renewal rate and aid in absorption of topical applications), Vitamin E (great for nourishing and healing), Hyaluronic Acid (helps with skin hydration), to name a few.
Nourishing oils give great support to heavy textured creams (when and if the skin asks for more).

Thinning is also a concern with ageing skin. As natural moisturising factors recede from the thinning layers of the skin, we can replenish it with serums based on Aloe Vera; essential oils like Rose, Jojoba; fruit extracts and honey.

A great way to accelerate skin renewal is to use Retinol, but only periodically and properly. Rapid and constant peeling thins and sensitises mature skin.

I cannot move on without mentioning Toners here. As we need to drink water for internal hydration, skin loves a spritz through the day (more details in the Spray, Spray, Spray blog)

Of course, salon strength customised treatments with LED facials, ionised infusions and peels, micro currents etc. will always be like icing on the cake. They can boost collagen and elastin while gently peeling off sluggish and dull skin off the skin’s surface for a healthy and radiant look.

Reassess lifestyle…

Conscious transitions from carefree lifestyles to balanced choices enhance the joys of mature years!

The pillars which strengthen these enhancers are:

Food and Water: Advancing years dry out the natural oils in the body internally and consequently, on the skin too. When we balance this dryness by including nourishing foods and omega oils in our diet, it will reflect through a healthy glow on the skin.
Lack of water in the body does the same to the skin and the system, as dehydration does to turn a juicy plump grape into a shrivelled up Sultana.

Exercise: Regular exercise releases happy endorphins in the body. It also helps the skin pores to breathe better. Sweating process helps in detoxing the skin’s surface. Improved circulation also feeds the skin structures with better health.

Sleep: Adequate sleep promotes youthfulness in the body and mind alike. Our skin repairs and renews through rest and relaxation, while increasing the rate of penetration of topical applications. Insufficient sleep reflects through dull sallow skin; apart from the tell-tale dark circles around the eyes.

Supplements: Generally speaking, supplements should only be taken if the diet is lacking in nutrients. However, busy lifestyles these days, lead us to the point where supplements like fish oils, vitamin D, magnesium, aid our well-being in the later years in life. Omega oils, in particular aid to keep the skin supple.

Realign thoughts…

Great health and great skin shape up in the mind first.

As we mature, we need to realign the way we think about life and our approach towards the entire ageing process.

Realistic expectation is the key, whether it is from our body, our loved ones or our skincare (topical/natural/injectable). We need to embrace the overall transition. It brings in peace of mind, which is a key ingredient for skin radiance.

Ease the pressure to perform from all walks of life. When we expect less, we enjoy more. This enjoyment reflects happiness through the persona and the skin looks alive and vibrant too.

Celebrate reaching ‘the’ number, whatever it may be! We are the lucky ones who are alive to tell the tale! The positive pat in itself recharges the body, mind and the skin too!

Age is a delicate darling, fragile as a glass. Gentle and gradual does it!

Age is also a proof of resilience, a glass which has withstood the heat and toil in the furnace of life!

So let us all handle Age with care, let us all Age Well!

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