Bespoke Beauty

Bespoke Beauty

You are unique, inimitable and beautiful.

Celebrate this uniqueness, keep your beauty bespoke through:

Skin Care

  • Skin encases the wonders of your uniqueness.
  • Add oomph to the skin with a few minutes of “me-time” through daily cleansing and moisturising.
  • It is exciting to hear of a beautiful new treatment or product. However, ascertain its skin suitability for you.
  • Choose products to suit your skin. Oily skin likes foaming cleansers and light weight moisturisers, while drier/dehydrated skins prefer creamy textures.
  • Skin does wonders when it is offered what it needs, rather than what is trending.

Seek professional advice to enjoy the skin you live in.

Keep your skincare regime bespoke!

  • Food is comfort and power, but wrong foods can be perfect fodder for breakouts and ageing!
  • High coloured fruits and vegetables; fish, eggs and lean meats provide powerful building blocks to nourish the body with good health and boost the antioxidants which shine through the skin too.
  • It is important to eat at regular and fixed hours for a well performing metabolic rate.
  • Be mindful of the flavours and textures while eating to create magic in your entire being.
  • Eat your meals unhurriedly, without technology or multi-tasking to pump in youthfulness through every morsel! The effect builds on as the energy of the mind and body is purely on metabolising the food.
  • You will chew food better and swallow less air too. These changes will also help with issues like bloating and lethargy for sedentary lifestyles.
  • The Magic of Meals plays an unmistakable role in the bespoke beauty journey!

Eat right, stay bright!

Seasonal changes
  • Personalise your ‘skinwear’ according to the seasons, just like you adjust the wardrobe to suit the time of the year.
  • Summer months require lighter moisturisers for hydration.
  • Winter months prefer nourishing care of oil based moisturisers.
  • Hyaluronic acid serums help with hydration in the skin.
  • Peptides and Vitamin serums do wonders for anti-ageing care.
  • Brightening serums generally have Vitamin C base. Use these at night to protect against sun-sensitivity.
  • Salon treatments should also focus on these adjustments.

Ask for bespoke treatments. Check out our facials on Charms website.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes, for better or worse, impact the skin physiology.

  • A move from the warmer temperatures to the cooler ones, or vice versa, will demand a change in the skincare too.
  • If you are on a weight loss programme, use a hydrating toner to help the natural moisturising factors (NMF) in the surface layers of the skin.
  • Being an organ of elimination, skin tries to get rid of toxins through the pores. Up your exfoliation routine if you are exercising more.
  • Use calming masks if you are experiencing heat and sensitivity in the skin.
  • Customised skincare will reward you back with bespoke beauty while you adjust to the necessary changes!
Stress quotient

Adult acne is a reflection of high stress levels today more than ever before. Those rashes and breakouts might have a lot to do with daily stresses and pressures, particularly in the late twenties to forties category.

  • Managing the stress quotient helps to crack the adult acne code (along with right diet, good sleep patterns and exercise routines).
  • Vitamin enriched serums help to supplement, fortify and defend stress assaulted, run down skins.
  • Chewing on herbs like mint or green cardamom pods aid the digestive powers weakened due to stress. These aromas help to uplift the psyche gently, but do not substitute medication.
  • Meditation, Pilates and breathing techniques are known to decrease stress levels.
  • They also help skin oxygenation due to improved circulation and eased-off anxieties.
  • Rose water spritz cools skin inflammation, improves hydration and restores calm.
  • Choose something you look forward to doing happily.

All you need now is to stay firm in your resolve.

Be firm in being bespoke, be beautiful!

Hormonal changes

Those blind, painful spots are the skin’s language indicating the hormonal changes happening within the body. It is not possible to fight hormonal activity, but accepting and embracing this change will ease the discomfort during this journey.

  • Again, increasing the happy endorphins through exercise and minimising stress levels strengthens the body’s defence mechanism against these breakouts.
  • Supplements like Evening Primrose Oil/Fish Oils/ Magnesium/Iron can help. Check with your doctor if you can or should take any of these.
  • Up your Vitamin C intake, include pomegranates, apples in your diet.
  • Keep your bowel movement healthy.
  • Topical applications with calming and anti-inflammatory properties help.
  • Look for ingredients like lavender, camphor, castor oil, jojoba, sandalwood, aloe vera to help soothe and reduce the duration of these breakouts.
  • Squeezing them (or any breakout), is a crime in the skin-world.
  • Most importantly, if something worked for your friend, doesn’t necessarily mean it may do the same for you…Hormone levels differ, the basis for hormonal breakouts differ….they are as bespoke as you are!!

Best to keep them that way!

Age factor

Time etches character lines to mark its journey on the face.

  • Balanced diet, sound sleep and staying active have already been established as crucial components of the anti-ageing arsenal.
  • Among the wonderful cosmeceutical anti-ageing ingredients is Retinol. It helps to speed up the collagen production in the skin.
  • Team it up with Vitamin C to improve skin clarity for pigmentation.
  • A good dose of sunscreen will save all your hard work.
  • Vitamin E is a better combination if you have a drier, sensitive skin.
  • Over usage of retinol sensitises and thins the skin down too much. Take a break from it after a couple of months. Nourish it back for action again.
  • Another hero on the block to promote collagen production through topical applications, is Peptides (building blocks of cells).
  • Team up your homecare with salon strength peels and infusions.

Try LED and other modalities based on currents to speed up the call renewal rate.

The secret is to find a combination which personalises your skin needs…keep it bespoke!

Stay Bespoke, Be Beautiful!

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