Chocolate and Skin

Chocolate and Skin

Easter Bunny is just a hop away and the sugar bounty close at its heels!

Time for all those chocolates and sweets!

Time to consider how we write our chocolate story this year!

The downside of chocolate story:

  • High sugar and fat content in chocolates leads to inflammatory skin responses. These show up as whiteheads and breakouts on the skin

  • It can promote weight due to its milk and fat content.
    Fluctuating weight affects skin elasticity (not in small measures though)

  • It accelerates the ageing process due to the high sugar content.
    Sugar is one of the most ageing foods we consume.

  • Diets high in sugar dehydrate the skin.
    To make up for this water loss, skin goes in overdrive to produce more sebum (skin oil) which clogs the pores and leads to congestion.  

  • The caffeine content in chocolate can affect sleep quality which reflects through sallow skin.
    Its diuretic properties dehydrate the skin too.

  • Sugar also hardens the collagen protein. Skin loses its suppleness then.

  • Lack of water and high sugar intake can lead to constipation.
    Skin is an organ of elimination. So the unwanted toxins accumulated in the body are dispelled through breakouts also.

  • The highs and lows of circulation due to sugar/caffeine rush, weaken the capillary structures in the surface layers; which contribute to broken capillaries and flushed look.

The Happy-side of this Story:

☺☺☺☺Chocolate is not the culprit here ☺☺☺☺

Chocolate, dark chocolate, in particular, is actually good for you!

Its chief ingredient, cocao, is mother -nature’s gift for good skin.

A good dark chocolate can house at least 60-70 percent of power packed nutrients.

  • It is packed with antioxidants.

They help to fight the free radicals which delay the ageing process.

  • Cacao is packed with flavonoids.

These nutrients, amongst other benefits, provide protection against the UV rays….happy news ladies, but nothing replaces the golden rule of ‘slip, slop, slap’ for sunscreen.

  • Cacao contains Magnesium.

     It helps with muscle cramps and lowers cortisol levels.

It may be a reason why women gravitate to chocolate around the time of the month.

Low cortisol levels help to heal acne faster.

  • Cacao is a great mood enhancer.

It helps to increase the happy hormones (endorphins) with its dense nutrients.

Happiness is the precursor for healing… mind, body, skin and all!

  • Cacao reduces stress levels.

    Lower stress levels allow for better circulation and improved rate of absorption of nutrients in the surface layers of the skin.

Tricks and Tips

  • Key word is moderation, but we all know that anyway!
  • Break the block before biting into it. It will help to monitor portion control.
  • Smaller bites will make it last longer.
  • Let it linger in the mouth for the digestive enzymes to connect better with the brain. It will enhance the satisfaction levels better (and sooner).
  • Chocolates first thing in the morning is a no-no. The sugar levels can sap the energy levels after the initial rush.
  • Eat the chocolate piece after the meal. An empty stomach tends to go for larger portions.
  • If it’s a snack, pair it with nuts and seeds to reduce the total intake of chocolate.
  • Have warm water after eating chocolate. It will help to break down the fats in it better.
  • Elongate the morsel measures in the mouth. It is the taste buds desiring the chocolate, not hunger! Work on those cravings.
  • Guilt gobbles! Take your time to enjoy the little allowances.
  • A satisfied psyche binges less….eat mindfully.

 Can’t let the chocolate fest finish without the skin cells feasting on it too!

 Try this mask to lighten, hydrate and refresh the skin.

Cacao Mask

1 tsp cacao powder

1 tsp milk

2 tsp rose water

Leave for 20 minutes.

Rinse with cool water.

Tone and mositurise.

Happy Chocolating!

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