Dermalogica Skincare

  • Passion for innovation
  • Power of ancient wisdom
  • Technology and training
  • Performance through cosmeceuticals

They make the four pillars of Dermalogica skincare.

These non-comedogenic products are clinically tested, and free from mineral oils, lanolin, SD alcohol, artificial fragrances and mostly paraben free.


Face Mapping

No Dermalogica facial is complete without a thorough face mapping session.

This technique is an adaptation of ancient Chinese wisdom, which found flourish in the capable hands of the research team at Dermalogica. It is a comprehensive skin analysis which considers lifestyle, stress levels, genetic make up and the level of pollutant exposure. This training guides the therapist to create result oriented, perfect skin care solutions.

Age Smart facials

Dermalogica Age Smart facials are designed to address the mileage a skin has done, as well as its biological age.

This approach offers complete skin solutions through signature facials which include specific techniques for draining toxins and increasing the glow, while facilitating product penetration into the deeper layers.

Peels and Performance


At Charms, our Skin Corrective Courses for persistent problems like melasma rely on professional Dermalogica Pro Power Peels.

Chemical peels are also great choices for anti-ageing solutions, especially when combined with technical support of microcurrents/LED/Ultrasonic modalities for deeper infusion, hydration and stimulation.

The soothing botanicals in the Dermalogica Ultra Calming range help to fortify the barrier functioning of the skin.

The Dermalogica Medibac range offers great relief for acne prone skin through BHA and AHA formulations.

Power of the Old and the New

Dermalogica range has drawn from the ancient wisdom of usage of rice extract (Japan), rooibus tea (South Africa), Indian gentian; to name a few ingredients, and skilfully combined them with clinical peptides, and renewal complexes to achieve optimum skin health.

It has transformed skin science into an art form (of facials)!

Dermalogica thrives on this knowledge. Knowledge is power! Power to make a difference to a concerned client’s skin health and the confidence in their appearance…basically be a part of their look good, feel great journey.

It builds a very satisfying partnership for the client and the therapist alike. This partnership is the aim of our treatments at Charms Beauty and Skin Solutions. We aim to create insanely great treatments which help you achieve skin health and leave you tranquil too!