Is your skin party –ready?

Is your skin party –ready?

We all look forward to Christmas.

It is a time to celebrate the joys of family, fun with friends, eating, merry making and enjoying a well-earned break …..a lot to be thankful for, whether we believe in the Divine or just wish to celebrate life for its own sake!

It is a special time of the year for all sorts of treats.

Marinading and maturing are key factors for those special Christmas treats and puddings.

The same principle applies to the skin and body too!

It’s all in the preparation!

Here are a few easy measures to sweeten up the skin-story:

Bitters keep it sweet Greens are good garnish for shining up the skin surface from within.

Spinach, kale, broccoli etc. are all great help to strengthen the liver to process food intake, discard toxins and purify blood….all adds up to putting a glow in the skin.

Omega Oil sources like fatty fish, nuts (walnuts, e.g.) and seeds (like flaxseed) help to strengthen the collagen in skin.

When the collagen has resilience and the liver throws toxins out efficiently, skin has a supple and smooth appearance too.

Fruits and vegetables give the skin youthfulness through antioxidants. They will also help to fight the effects of rich foods, festivities and those extra glasses of wine during the party season.

An apple a day adage is a wonderful adage to adhere to right now. The iron and Vitamin C in it are great for glow and energy.

Stress deflates the oxygen levels in the body.

Often we get so worked up about getting everything right, that the right spirit of festival slides by!

Stressing about the gifts may be worth it to some extent, but the love and happy welcome for loved ones will make the home shine with life and help put a glow in the skin cells also.

Happiness quotient is a secret weapon to build natural radiance in the skin.

Glaze those puddings with happiness 🙂

No room for sour cherries of stress here!

It makes the skin look dull and lack lustre too.

Sleep debt may or may not be conclusive in research terms; but a well- rested body is definitely better equipped to last the party season merrily.

Like the rest of the body, skin also repairs while we sleep. And any well serviced vehicle gives better mileage. Sleep and rest will be that service for the face and body.

Sleep deprivation contributes to the dark circles under the eye and make the skin appear sallow.

Try cool water eye pads before you get party ready.

Potato skins over your favourite eye cream for a quick reprieve is an age old remedy (10 mins, rinse off, rea-apply eye cream).

Hydration is a go-to topic for anyone aspiring for a good skin tone and texture. It is well placed too.Water makes a huge difference to the skin and well-being, in general.

Having enough hydration levels to start with, helps the skin to sustain the onslaught of merry making.

Drinking eight to ten glasses a day of water holds immense benefits.
It detoxes the body through bowel movement. It helps the kidney and other organs to purify and carry blood and nutrients through the body.

All this, in turn, reflects through the glow in the skin, improves the appearance of fine lines and delays the ageing process.

Foods like watermelon, cucumbers, lemon water, oranges, apples, green leafy vegetables; all help to work on water reserves before and during the festive season.

Topical hydration through spray mists has been an oft-repeated story in almost all my blogs. I cannot stress enough on its importance for skin.

Alcohol and sugar wreak havoc on hydration levels in the skin and body.

It also affects the collagen and the capillary structures.
Lemon juice in room temperature water is a great way to help maintain the alkaline levels in the body through the party season.

A small bowl of salad before going for the party is a great trick to manage the effects of excesses.

We all know that moderation is the key in the long run!

Salon Peels are a great idea on a yearly basis, regardless of parties.

Customised salon peels are like icing on the cake before the party season takes on.

Talk to a skin therapist to tailor a course of treatments for your specific needs.

Periodic salon strength treatments hold importance in skincare for various reasons. They help to:

  • Get rid of the pollutants on the skin surface
  • Slough off dead skin cells through deeper exfoliation
  • Accelerate the rate of cell regeneration
  • Put corrective measures in place
  • Strengthen the skin structures
  • Nourish and hydrate skin to help collagen fibres
  • Reveal a brighter, more youthful appearance to the skin
  • Create a good base for make- up and its duration

Above all, SANTA carries the message of health and well- being even in his name…year after year…for all of us to decipher…and, of course, enjoy…

Sleep (charge up your batteries)

Awareness (of the power of balanced diet)

Nourish and nurture (body and family)

Thankfulness (gratitude zens spirit and skin)

Active (exercise for energy and glow)

Get geared, merry people  🙂

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