Lips Don’t Lie

Lips Don’t Lie

They tell tales, whether we mouth their woes or not!
Fine lines around the mouth ask for water.
Pale colour lips beg for better nutrition.
Chapped, dry lips yearn for moisture.
High colour lips cry for heat relief.
Discoloured lips desire for detox.
In short, lips give away so much about our lifestyles.

Lips speak of the Age factor (as we mature, collagen shrinkage becomes more pronounced around the mouth area)
They speak of our Attitude towards life (they add to our facial expressions and emotions, whether we are happy, sad, petty, pouty…so on)
They are the medium to Articulate our emotions (we mouth our feelings through the lips)
Lips also help to Accessorise our day (whether we adorn them with a smile or work on the glamour quotient with some lip colour).

Our mouth and lips are one of the first areas to show signs of ageing. Genetic reasons mould and influence or accelerate skin ageing too. We do not have any control over these intrinsic genetic factors. But we can wield our extrinsic value card to combat this malfunction through our lifestyle, dietary choices, the care we give to the lips on a daily basis, and, of course, the way we deal with stress too!

  • Lips lack sweat glands, unlike the rest of the skin. Natural lipids or oils are a lot lesser or negligible in this area.
    This, along with general ageing, accelerates the collagen breakdown around the mouth area. Physical signs of this breakdown
    manifests through the fine and deep lines around the mouth.
  • The layers of skin on the lip area, in comparison to the skin on the rest on the body, are a lot lesser too. This is the
    reason why they become easy prey to seasonal changes and environmental pollutants.
  • There is also a high amount of nerve endings in the lip area, which makes them a highly sensitive zone. When we combine this
    high sensory activity with fewer protective layers of skin, it is easy to understand why they are so sensitive to touch and
  • Lips have non- significant amount of melanin (the pigment responsible for our colour). This is the reason, along with fewer
    layers of skin, they have that pink colour and are susceptible to sun burn so easily.
  • The lips get a great deal of workout…..with all the eating, drinking, talking, pouting, smoking (if any) that we subject
    them to! These constant workouts put a great deal of pressure on the elasticity around the mouth muscles.
  • When we try to deal with stress and nervousness by biting or licking our lips, we leave saliva on the surface of the lips.
    When this saliva comes in contact with the environmental pollutants; bacteria, dry and flaky residue interferes in proper
    respiration of the skin on the lips. The more we lick to find relief, the higher the dry discomfort.
  • When we are rundown and stressed, one of the ways the body gives us indications to stop and smell the roses, is through cold

Yes, lips don’t lie!
Along with some rest and relaxation, if possible, try not to cover the area too much. Less friction helps. Keeping the area dry and cool helps to heal the sores faster. And, it is no secret that early intervention is the best remedy.

The old adage, prevention is better than cure, fits the pursuit for lustrous lips to perfection.
If we incorporate these few simple steps in our daily routines, we can boast of happy lips easily.

  1. Cleanse the lip area too while cleansing the rest of the face daily.
  2. Gentle exfoliation on a weekly basis keeps the area free of pollutants and dead skin build-up. An old soft toothbrush and
    a bit of honey is going to keep the saga sweet!
  3. Keep the lips nourished with lip balms. It will help to slow down the appearance of fine lines, strengthen them against stress
    situations and increase elasticity around the mouth area.
  4. Sleeping with lipstick on, is like ‘sleeping with the (lip) enemy’!
  5. Licking the lips is not the answer to bringing relief from dry discomfort. Mindfulness about breaking the habit is!!
  6. Stay hydrated to bring the sweet song of life to the lips!
  7. Look for reasons to smile often! Happy endorphins slow down the ageing process in body, mind….and, the lips, of course!!

Happy Pouting Everyone!

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