Magic of Meals

Magic of Meals

Skin is a great story teller.

It is the largest organ in the body. It is also one of the organs responsible for elimination. What goes in, comes out! It is as simple as that!

A good regime gives power to the skin to fight the day to day challenges of environmental exposures and pollutants. This regime gains wings when it is supported by a well- balanced diet. The quality of what goes in the mouth is as crucial as what goes on the skin. The importance of a balanced diet to enhance the looks and slow down the ageing process is the norm for many old cultures. It is also a well-established fact in the modern world of science.

Skincare products today have a very sophisticated research basis and delivery mechanisms in the skin. There are also a lot of corrective skin techniques in place to help with a wide variety of problems and concerns caused by lifestyles and diets.

When a balanced and a healthy diet comes to party with a good skincare regime, the routine turns into a ‘skin celebration’…each time, every time!

Dress up for the day not just physically, but also from within. Start your skin celebration right in the morning with a healthy breakfast (most important meal of the day). Your insides will sing a song of nourishment while the skin cells basque in the glory of nutrients from within and on the surface. The skin will also respond better to the topical applications, and prepare for the challenges of the day more efficiently.

Feed stress and salts, fried foods and fats to the system and the skin will speak the language of breakouts, inflammation, lack lustre appearance and accelerated ageing.

Feed fresh wholesome meals and balanced diets to the system and the skin will boast of confident beauty at any age.

Be skin savvy, eat well! Be skin fit, apply (skincare) well. Be skin happy!

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