OmVeda Skincare is a prescriptive range of Ayurvedic beauty products for skin and hair.

All formulations use pure and organically grown ayurvedic herbs, flowers, natural minerals, extracts of wood, roots and barks.

This, all-natural range of aromatic products, is as pleasing for the senses, as it is capable of performance
The range contains no artificial fragrances or animal products. It is suitable for all ages and addresses a wide range of skin concerns.

The holistic principles and purpose of OmVeda is to restore balance and beauty to the person as a whole. It showcases the Ayurvedic philosophy brilliantly.

Ayurveda literally translated, means ‘science of life’. Wellbeing is the core concern and aim of this science.


The Approach

The method utilised by OmVeda to achieve this wellbeing, in simple terms, is,  going back to the basics.

Identifying the basic traits of a person’s constitution and nature, helps to nurture him/her back to balance. This technique is called Dosha Analysis.

It is the basis of all ayurvedic treatments for health and wellbeing.

Seasonal changes, state of mind, health conditions, dietary intake, sleep patterns, work life environment and/or balance etc., all influence and reflect on the skin.

Ayurvedic facial treatments are designed to provide complete skin solutions by factoring all the above important clues during the Dosha Analysis process.

The Process


Sometimes all that a person requires is nurturing, calming and relaxing. This is achieved by including the rose and sandalwood based products from the OmVeda range.

Other sessions may require an indepth detox Ayurveda treatment for conditions like acne and pigmentation. OmVeda offers a range of clearing and antiseptic products based on   camphor, cucumber, bael fruit etc to address these concerns.

Inflammatory skin conditions are best addressed by the cooling and healing properties of the well renowned OmVeda Silver leaf range.

Anti – ageing and skin rejuvenation plans are better addressed through OmVeda Gold Leaf Facial treatment. Gold leaf is a time tested, “well known secret” in the realm of Ayurvedic beauty treatments for restoring youthfulness and glow to the skin.

Charms Nurture

At Charms Beauty and Skin Solutions, we offer our clients bespoke facials to suit their various nature and skin needs.

Identifying the basic Dosha helps us to customize the facials even further by adding freshly pounded fruits/vegetables/nuts/milk/flours etc to the well formulated OmVeda range.

In fact, this has become a unique feature for Charms facial treatments. The natural and fresh basis of the treatment keeps it gentle for the skin.

The combination of the extensively researched and tested OmVeda formulations with the carefully chosen fresh potions increases the efficacy and the performance for the skin plan.

Of course, the changes due to lifestyle and skin conditions influence the treatment procedure every time and every session.

The only constant in the ever evolving skin sessions is, to provide perfect skin care solutions, and, to zen the skin and psyche alike.

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