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Silver Leaf & Gold Leaf Facials

Skin is the largest organ in the body. What happens within, reflects on the skin. Dosha Analysis (looking into the nature and body type) is the Ayurvedic approach to analyse the skin issues. The treatments are designed to address not just the skin concerns, but also the the causes from within which reflect on the skin. Time tested gold and silver metals are combined with various herbs, fruits, vegetables and floral extracts for maximum calming, healing and regeneration.
Price: $110

Silver leaf & gold leaf facials

Anti-Ageing Facials

Anti-Ageing Facials

These treatments are based on latest research. They combine peptides, various acids and enzymes for cell regeneration and collagen stimulation. Facemapping is the Dermalogica tool for skin analysis. It combines western concepts and Chinese traditions to zone in on skin concerns. Common casualties of the ageing process (twenties and onwards) such as skin suppleness, hydration levels, collage, elasticity etc. are given targetted treatments to restore skin radiance and balance.
Price: from $99

Skin Corrective Courses

Certain skin concerns need more than periodic facials.These corrective treatments take the skin back to the performance phase. The focus is on chronology as well as the mileage the skin has done due to lifestyle factors. Pigmentation, scarring, acne, inflammaging, skin ageing are some of the concerns which benefit immensely through a series of three to six sessions, done weekly or quarterly designed to suit the skin needs. We offer take home tips to maximise the results of these sessions and your home regime.
POA(after complementary skin analysis)

skin corrective courses