Roses and Beauty: Naturally!

Roses and Beauty: Naturally!

The timeless tales of Cleopatra’s love for roses in her routines boast of the magic of these beautiful blooms in beauty.

Roses still hold merit in trending potions today due to their scientifically proven beauty benefits.

Wellness and beauty make happy partners.
Roses have stood the test of time in this partnership on many grounds:


Aromatherapy has always favoured the pleasing perfume of roses. It is very soothing for the psyche and the skin alike.

The scent of roses adds to the magic of mists, masks and creams. It helps in elevating mood by calming and soothing nerves.

Calmer skin is more receptive to topical applications.

This feeling of wellness and calm reflects easily on the skin’s surface.


Hydrated skin always looks supple.
Rosewater spray is like a drink of water for the skin with uplifting properties.

Lack of hydration increases the heat in skin tissues.  Rose base spritzers help in calming this heat due to their cooling properties.

Rosewater mists help to regulate sebum (skin-oil), due to their natural astringents and oils. When the pH and oil/water balance gets restored, skin radiance is easier to achieve.

The skin pores also refine through rosewater hydration (astringents).

Make up sits better and lasts longer on a refined skin texture. Mists, in general, help to refresh make up through the day.

Rosewater spray, in particular, before meetings and presentations is a great idea. Rose aroma helps to settle nerves and adds to a refreshed presentation in skin and confidence.


Rosewater and rose extracts have amazing benefits when it comes to healing.

Acne: The natural astringents and Vitamin C in roses help to purify skin sebum and accelerate healing. Their antibacterial properties are wonderful for healing acneic skin.

Anti-inflammatory: Roses offer a two pronged healing approach for the skin and the psyche. Topical applications reduce the inflammation and redness in the skin tissues. The psyche gets a helping hand through the aroma which cools the heat arising from within.

Skin sensitivity:  Sensitised skin conditions are largely related to the emotional well-being. (Sensitive skin can have a genetic base. Sensitised skin is the result of physical and emotional environment, or unfavourable product usage, and medication sometimes. For more, check out the blog Skin Type v/s Skin Condition)

As the inflammation recedes, the pH and oil/water ratio balances, skin sensitivity goes down too; which can help in conditions like eczema and psoriasis, flaking and peeling.


Vitamin C:

is great to accelerate cell regeneration and healing. The combination of these functions in the skin slows down the ageing process. Rose extracts have a good amount of this great, collagen building nutrient.

Nourishing Oils: Roses are a natural anti-ageing powerhouse. Their oils nourish the skin gently and effectively. And their natural sugars help to facilitate the penetration of these oils in the skin for a smoother appearance.

Zen Promoter: Stress is a precursor for ageing. Rose aroma is known to uplift mood and calm anxiety.  A relaxed state of mind and well- being enhances even- circulation, better sleep patterns, lymphatic drainage and cell respiration.
These factors aid absorption of topical applications while slowing down the ageing process from within.

The application and usages of rose petals, rosewater and rose oils in skin care are as countless as their varieties!
There are also a lot of time tested DIY concoctions.
Here are a few of my favourites:


Rosewater Mist tops this list due to its gentler nature, versatility of usage and suitability for all skin types. Spritz three to four times a day for all of the reasons listed above.
TIP: Close your eyes, spritz, take in a slow deep breath and feel the cooling mist.
a) It will help to oxygenate the lungs better and improve circulation to relieve sensitivity from the cheek area.
b) This deliberate breathing gradually trains the brain to breathe through stress situations too.
c) The wellness and happy calm through the mist is its own reward!

Petal Packfor anti-ageing and dry skin
Crush 10-12 fresh rose petals in ½ tsp grated cucumber.
Add a few drops of honey.
Apply after cleansing face. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes.
Rinse with cool water and use a suitable moisturiser.

Pore Refining Mask….for normal and oily skin
Make a paste of fuller’s earth and rosewater.
(Add a small pinch of turmeric powder for acne)
Leave on skin for 20 minutes.
Rinse and moisturise.

Exfoliating Scrub…. for all skin types
Take1 tsp powdered oats.
Add milk and rosewater in equal amounts.
Apply this paste evenly, leave for 10 minutes.
Moisten with water, massage gently to take off.
(Do not massage on breakouts and sensitive skin)
Cleanse and moisturise.

Even skin tone and tan relief pack
Land of Ayurveda, India has a fair skin fetish.
Since this blog has its base in tradition and culture, a mask in this category becomes mandatory J
Make a paste of gram flour and rosewater.
Add a few drops of lemon and milk.
Apply evenly and leave for 10-15 minutes.
Moisten with water to take it off.
Spritz rosewater and moisturise.

Eye Care
Tired, puffy eyes find great relief in rosewater soaked eye pads.
(Dilute with water for overly sensitive eyes).
Try on a nightly basis for a week and see the difference.
The pads need to be on eyes for at least 15- 20 minutes.
Use over your favourite eye cream for relieving fine lines better.
It also eases out stress due to the lovely aroma and encourage restful sleep.

Go on then….
Drive away your skin and psyche foes,
Enjoy beauty through the elegance of Rose!

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