Skin and Mindfulness

Skin and Mindfulness

Mindfulness Matters!

Whether it is to do with an elaborate work-plan, enjoying a meal or a holiday, or even the daily skincare regime!

Yes, the daily skincare regime!

Mindfulness has a few basic, well-established requirements:
• Being in the moment
• Accepting the moment for what it is
• Enjoying it without judging
• Being grateful for the moment

The same principles of mindful-magic can take your 5 minute daily skincare cleansing and moisturising routines to the next level.
Motivation is all you need!

Motivation Matters!
Motivation to be mindful is as important as the act itself.
• It helps to establish the reason (WHY) for any routine.
• Then HOW to go about it becomes easy to follow
• It is enjoyable to follow something which is easy to follow
• Joy and fun make mindfulness easier and more effective

Here are the tips on WHY and HOW to add the magic of mindfulness to your skincare regime.


Consider these few minutes as a crucial part of ‘Me-Time’.
The morning routine is like getting ready for the day, putting your best foot forward …face, in this case 
The evening routine is the beginning of downtime for the day.
It gives that second wind to your wings for unwinding and recharging batteries for the next day.

Self-Care is Self-Love:

s Self-LoveGiving personalised care to the skin daily is your unspoken statement of respect for the ‘body-temple’.
Self- care is a great way to showcase pride in self-presentation. It speaks volumes about nurturing self-love and dignity.
And we all know what we nurture, blossoms….whether it is the skin or the attitude!

Better skin, improved confidence:
A healthy skin adds to the confidence because of the self-assurance it brings from within.
That’s why they say, look good and feel great!

Feel good factor:
When you feel good, the body basically has a healthy amount of happy endorphins.
A happy and even-keeled frame of mind/being is important to power through stress-laced lifestyles today.
Skincare regime in itself is a great de-stressing activity (details in the HOW section below)

Skin cell receptivity:
When you are relaxed, the skin cells also relax.
The blood circulation in the surface layers is even. The pores are receptive to topical applications. Any serums or moisturisers applied to the surface layers of a relaxed skin are easily absorbed in.
The resultant glow and health of a receptive skin are hard to miss.

Mindfulness heightens the awareness of all the sense organs. When you immerse yourself quietly and completely in such a moment, it is called Vipaasana in meditative terms.

Doing skincare with all your focus and quietly will give it a meditative quality too.
I call it Skin Vipaasana.

Each of the five sense organs has a very distinctive role in the realm of a mindful -beauty regime:

As soon as you pick up the cleanser, mindfully appreciate the colour/or no-colour, component of your chosen skincare.
It will straightaway get you ‘in the skin-zen- zone’.
After a few initial attempts, you will be in the mindful zone even without realizing…after all, we all are creatures of habit!

Beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder, literally over here!

The olfactory system works differently for everyone. But the sense of smell adds to the magic of sight universally.
You might love the uplifting citrus notes of lemon and orange, or find lavender calming or sandalwood soothing or mint refreshing….well you get the picture!
Let your skincare transport you to the magic of its aroma base.
If your choice is a fragrance free range, then you can appreciate the unscented appeal of your skincare.

Whatever the choice, stay focussed in the moment of appreciation!

The way your cleanser lathers, or the moisturiser smoothens, or the feather-light serum glides on the skin, can add to the pleasures of self-care.
While one texture can feel super smooth, or simply soothing; another can be gritty, or warm or even cool on contact with the skin’s surface.
Enjoy these sensations on the skin in its entirety and feel the skin health blossom.

Touch is healing!

Swishhhhh…..the spray mists the face with your favourite toner and that sound eases all those mid-day pressures under the tough-work-mode-exterior…what a comforting moment!
The splashing sound of water takes off all the cleanser and gets you in the mood to take on the day!
Or the evening calm squishes out of a tube of your favourite moisturiser, to soothe and relax those hard at work facial muscles!

Lend an ear to caress your cares away!

This component has a twist!
Skincare is as much about topical applications, as it is about internal care.

It is to do with the food you eat, whatever meal of the day it may be!
Water and food intake impact the skin hugely. (Please refer to the blogs Magic of Meals and S-Factor for more details).
It is about eating right, as well as eating the right way!
Be mindful of every morsel that goes in.

Eat mindfully!


The secret lies in doing the routine quietly, almost meditatively. Enjoy Skin Vipaasana.
Step out of your square. Go to the realm of mindfulness.
Be in the moment. Explore the heightened power of your senses.
Let the experience relax and energise you at the same time.
It will become like a moment of reprieve to combat daily stresses and pressures better.
Now simply enjoy radiant returns for a healthy glowing skin and feeling balanced too.

Play the HOW and WHY of skin-minutes mindfully
And enjoy the daily regime WOW you duly!

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