Skin, Sun and Socials

Skin, Sun and Socials

Festivities and holidays spell outdoors, beach, picnics, drives and fun.

Then there are those priceless coffees and get-togethers with friends and family!

And, we can all claim a few delicious cheat days amongst those enjoyable days… when food and frolic crossed the blurry line between folly and necessary fun!

But, back on track now!

It is time to plan for the year ahead.

It is time to set some skin goals and plans too.

                   Five point Skin-Plan

     1. Skin regime

                               2. Detox and Eat-sheets

                                3. Hydration

                                4. Exercise

                              5. Renewal or Kick-start

                         1. Skin Regime: 

Holidays can sometimes throw out the daily routine.

The simplicity of daily cleansing, toning and moisturising routines can make a huge difference to the up keep of a healthy skin.

The importance of keeping your basics skin-suitable is as important as using them; as discussed in earlier blogs.

                       2. Detox and Eat-sheets:

If the taste buds have been super active during the festive months and has left breakouts/ inflammation as a parting gift, then a detox plan may be in order.

A simple and practical detox diet is following the middle path.

  • Cut down rather than abstaining. Starvation can be the precursor for bingeing.
  • Scriptures may hold a valuable secret in the philosophy of ‘drinking’ food (chew the morsel enough to pulp it down) and ‘eating’ water (swirl and swallow slowly). It gives the digestive enzymes in the mouth time to work better on the nutrients.
  • Your two palms put together, is the size of your stomach roughly. Keep that in mind when you plate the food.
  • Never sit down straight after a meal, at least for twenty minutes, the best tip for belly bulge.
  • Empty the bladder after your meal
  • Cut down (as much as possible) on sugars and alcohol
  • Eat at fixed hours
  • Never skip meals
  • Eat light, right and slow
  • Include all food groups (YES) in proportion and moderation
  • Lastly, avoid constipation

                           3. Hydration:

It is no secret that detox plans work out best when accompanied with ample amount of hydration.

Sip mouthfuls throughout the day.

It will also help to keep those ‘munchy-moods’ at bay.

Here are a few fun and power-packed detox water ideas:

  • Add a slice, each, of cucumber and lemon in a jug of water.

  • A few mint leaves, ¼ inch of fresh ginger and a slice of lemon make for a well-known detox water.

  • Fresh pineapple and mint leaves can appeal more to those who have a sweet tooth.

  • One green cardamom, a tiny piece of cinnamon and a couple of mint leaves is wonderful for those looking for happy and healing spices.

  • Warm water and a slice of ginger make a beautiful night cap for those who need a helping hand for those nerves.

  • A few fennel and cumin seeds in warm water are a great night cap for ‘wind woes’.

                                  4. Exercise:

Sweat it out and away!

Exercise is the perfect antidote for losing weight, purging toxins and low moods.

It helps in restoring skin radiance and boost energy levels.

A daily 20-30 minute routine is going to be more effective in the long run, than a big workout once a week.

There are so many forms of exercise…gym, yoga, pilates, swimming, walking…endless array of choices! But enough has been said about it already.

Often times, motivation takes more effort than the exercise form.

Here are some easy ways to give you a kick-start:

  • Write five reasons why you want to exercise.
  • Pick an exercise regime you like enough to fall in love with. …just a matter of finding that true love for your mind body connection.
  • This love will be compelling enough to usher in regularity in exercise routines.
  • Choose short term, achievable goals to stay motivated.
  • Put aside a dollar for each day you exercise. Buy a gift for yourself just with that amount at the end of the month.
  • Set aside a fixed time of the day for your workout.
  • Sleep well and timely to have enough energy reserves to stay motivated.
  • A well-rested body responds better to any routine.

                       5. Renewal or Kick-Start:

Start the year with a good shake-up to your skincare routine. It will keep the skin performing well for you throughout the year.

Sometimes just a little tweaking in your homecare accelerates the rate of cell renewal enough in the skin.

Then there are times and reasons when the skin needs more than tweaking and periodic facials.

A series of lymphatic treatments, peels or infusions might be needed to renew and recharge the skin out of its sluggishness.

Some of the trigger factors which need salon treatment or courses:

  • The aftermath of all the socialising and make-up etc. during the holidays often needs more than a good home exfoliation and mask.
  • Festive and holiday foods may trigger those breakouts and inflammatory responses in the skin which need corrective measures.
  • Holiday projects like renovations may be the reason for that dullness due to the build -up of pollutants on the skin.
  • Beach, camping and sun can lead to pigmentation, capillaries and dehydration.
  • Emotions and pursuit for perfection during the holidays can exacerbate oxidative stress and ageing in the skin cells.

Talk to your skin therapist to put together a Skin Corrective Course just for you.

Look for personalised Skin Solutions whether it is to shake off problem areas or to boost skin strength and vitality.  

                  Just get going and have a great year ahead!

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