Your Skin Type v/s Skin Condition

Your Skin Type v/s Skin Condition

With all the modern day stresses, no longer is it sufficient to classify the skin as normal, oily, dry or the combination type. It is essential now to treat the skin not only on the basis of skin type but also on the basis of skin condition. Lifestyle hugely impacts the skin. It can sensitize the skin, dehydrate it, cause breakouts and other such irritations.

Dry skin, for example, can have an oily shine at times and viceversa. The reason behind this, as I discovered during treatments, is that although the skin is the largest organ in the body, it is often left to its own defenses. When it is not getting its required feed, it goes into an overdrive and mimics the characteristics of its needs. This overdrive results into either too much or too little oil flow in the layers of the skin. The result is the skin secretions thrown out of balance thereby leading to skin imperfections.

A proper skin analysis can save you much “pocket-ache”. It will also clear out any myths or confusion to help you understand the functioning and characteristics of the skin.

It is important to understand the difference between skin type and skin condition. Skin type is determined by the oil content of the skin. Young people have a good hydration in the skin cells. That is why their skins have that soft plump look. As the child ventures out in the world, the environmental aggression begins to impact the skin. Teenage years establish the skin type better by setting patterns in the skin secretions. Then the skin can be categorised as oily/dry etc ‘type’.

Skin condition is the result of the lifestyle choices and stress levels on the skin type. These influences impact the skin’s own secretions over a period of time creating conditions such as dehydration, acne and sensitivity. The duration of any skin condition depends on the treatment it receives.

One of the many reasons for peeling and redness in the skin, for example, can be due to sun exposure. This is a short term condition.. Long term sun exposure can lead to conditions like broken capillaries, pigmentation, premature ageing, inflammation and even skin cancers.

The combined effect of the skin type and conditions determines the suitability of any product on the skin.

……….an excerpt from the book, The Karma of Beauty

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