Guelda Bryant

My association with Sangeeta began some ten years ago when I conveniently lived in Mermaid Waters. I am an octogenarian with a realistic approach to the outcome of just what a Beauty Therapist can actually achieve considering the age factor. Notwithstanding this the results, which I attribute totally to Sangeeta’s skills and products, are obviously apparent as I have received numerous unsolicited comments on the wonderful condition of my skin considering my age. I have since relocated and although inconvenient distance-wise, would not forgo continuing as her client.
To actually have a treatment is an experience in itself, from the moment you enter her salon, which is the essence of tranquillity, to when you leave is to shed every ounce of stress. I have even suggested she should have a “recovery room” because of a reluctance to “go home”! For the reasons stated above I genuinely have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending her skills as a Beauty Therapist.