S Jones

I have been a regular client of Sangeeta’s at Charms Beauty for well over ten years now.  I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Sangeeta and my skin has never looked back !  Prior to finding Sangeeta, I had tried several beauticians on the Gold Coast including quite a few Dermalogica clinics.

Not only is Sangeeta charm personified, being one of the most gentle, kind and honestly caring people I know, but she has both magical hands and a phenomenal wealth of knowledge. The fact that Sangeeta uses both Dermalogica and Ayervedic products was certainly a deciding factor for me to try her all those years ago.  I have always tried to stay as close to “natural” skin care as possible.

I have sun-damaged skin that is ultra sensitive to AHAs (acids) which seem to form part of so many products these days.  Sangeeta will always assess my skin at EACH visit, never assuming that because she’s treated me for over ten years that she already knows where my skin is at.

She will then customise that particular treatment session for my skin which usually includes the on-the-spot creation of her own  wonderful facemasks based on Ayervedic principles and natural ingredients such as fresh avocado.

In more than ten years, I can honestly say that I have never left Sangeeta without marvelling at how fresh, moist and just plain fabulous my skin feels.  She is simply divine !!