The “S” Factor

The “S” Factor

Our skins rely heavily on the “S” factor!
Skin, the largest organ in the body, and an organ for elimination, works in synergy with topical and internal nutrition. The message is no secret, but it is often and outrageously overlooked!!

Simplified, there are a few basic “Stops” and “Starts” we can put in practice to achieve optimum skin health.


  • Sugar
    It is one of the most dehydrating pleasures we indulge in. It depletes the skin cells of nutrients; which, in turn, accelerates the ageing process. (Alcohol also contains sugar).
  • Sedentary lifestyle
    Apart from a healthier waist-line, lack of movement (circulation) slows down the oxygenation of the skin cells too. Without proper circulation, blood cannot carry oxygen and other nutrients to the skin properly.
  • Smoke
    Much has been said about this topic already, but it still is notorious enough to be included here. It contributes immensely to dull, sallow skin, breakouts, capillaries on cheeks, lines around mouth… the list goes on…!
  • Sun
    Again, enough said about it, but had to make the list. Sun helps our health and psyche, so we should not shun it completely. Minimising exposure, avoiding peak hours, and the “Slip, Slap, Slop” mantra are the keys to utilising this glory of nature.
  • Stress
    We underestimate the effect of stress on skin. It sensitises the skin to the slightest of triggers and accelerates the ageing process too. An example is psoriasis, which can have a genetic disposition, but stress can also be a trigger factor. The toxic result of daily anxieties has a strong link with adult acne. It slows down the healing of the skin, and the body, of course!


  • Simplify Skincare
    Break it down in to the needs of day and night routines. It is easier to stay on top of things and remain motivated when there is a clearer structure to follow.

    1. Serums: They make a ‘gateway’ to target specific needs for hydration, clearing, anti-ageing, replenishing etc. And we need to follow the rule of ‘simple’…target one or two specific conditions only at any given time. If we change or re-adjust the applications according to the season, the skin responds better.
    2. Skin-resurfacing creams: The ‘simple’ secret is not to resurface constantly, whether it is for anti-ageing, acne scars or pigmentation. Generally speaking, anywhere between one and three months (depending on skin sensitivity) is a good stretch to resurface skin continuously.
    3. Sunscreen: We all know that it is a brilliant tool to delay skin ageing, apart from saving the skin from the nasty sun rays.
  • Sleep
    Skin cells go into the repair mode while we sleep. Proper sleep keeps those dark circles in check and gives youthfulness to the skin.  Keeping away from mobile phones and stress inducing activities before bed time improve the REM cycle in the sleep patterns.
  • Supplement
    We supplement the skin topically for specific needs. A few examples are:
    Vitamin A (classified as the skin food, it is anti-ageing)
    Vitamin C (increases cell turnover and carries products into deeper layers)
    Vitamin E (nourishes and heals skin)
    Zinc (heals and protects)Meanwhile there is a stream of a different kind of Vitamins which supplement the skin holistically too.
    Vitamin M (“Me”! As long as we have enough Self- love, we will feel strong enough to be true to our Self -worth. The reward will be a slower ageing process)
    Vitamin S (Smile is a recharge button in the endorphin category which also eases frown lines)
    Vitamin E2 (Exercise and Endorphins increase cell respiration while sweating off toxins from skin surface).
    Vitamin P (Positive approach to life rewards the skin with a glow from within. It changes Situations into Stimuli to do our best, rather than Struggles which can reflect through a lack lustre appearance)

    The formation of the letter “S” itself sends us powerful affirmations about the endless possibilities life offers us. Both the curves of the alphabet have an opening on each side of the curve to keep the flow of opportunities continuous in life. The bend where the openings of the letter meet, is a meandering message for us to keep going. If a chosen option turns into an obstacle, the other side will give it an exit point from life. And, of course, the starting point stays open to usher in further opportunities.

    Start today, start now….stylize your skincare internally and topically!

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