Zen Facials for Wellness

Zen Facials for Wellness
(Target stress management and skin-stressors like dullness/ageing)
Gold-Leaf/Silver Leaf Facial  Skin is the largest organ in the body. What happens within, reflects on the skin. Dosha Analysis (looking into the nature and body type) is the Ayurvedic approach to analyse the skin issues. The treatments are designed to address not just the skin concerns, but also the the causes from within which reflect on the skin. Time tested gold and silver metals are combined with various herbs, fruits, vegetables and floral extracts for maximum calming, healing and regeneration.  60 mins  $125 
Kansa Wand Facial  Zen the skin and psyche!  A lymphatic drainage facial with alloys and a customised fresh concoction.  Great for puffiness, uneven skin tone and natural age management.   60 mins  $135 
Chakra therapy Facial  Ayurveda, Chakra therapy works on the energy centres (emotional powerhouses) of the body, improves skin health & uplift your spirits.  A complete rejuvenation plan for the mind, body and soul. Try it!   90 mins  $175 
Dermaplane Facial  Great option to get rid of unwanted facial hair and dead cells followed by a mesoporation or LED infusion for a quick rejuvenation without downtime. Best results achieved by having it at regular intervals.   60 mins  $135